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Commonwealth Games or A Trigger for Breaking United Kingdom

Glasgow is hosting the 20th edition of the Commonwealth Games and there is a big expectant and proud nation behind it, Scotland. These games have been meticulously planned and have been projected as the best ever. Only the time will tell if they live up to the expectations. Approximately 4500 athletes from 71 nations will take part in these games, which start on 24th July and run until 3rd August. Normally, Australia is the dominant nation in these games and it will be surprising if they dont do the same this time. India pipped England to second spot last time in Delhi and Canada finished fourth in the overall medals tally.

Apart from being a sporting event these games hold a big political significance this time around. These games might have a big hand in breaking the United Kingdom. United Kingdom was formed initially, by an act signed by England and Scotland in 1707. Later on, Ireland came into the fold as well.  At the present moment, United Kingdom mainly includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minster representing Scottish National Party, has called for a referendum on 18th September 2108. In this referendum, the Scottish voters will vote whether the country should become independent or not.
Couple of years ago when London hosted the Olympic games there was a great sense and a wave of being British.People were proudly wearing the British colours and one could see the extravagant feelings of being proud about it on the faces and also in the behaviour patterns of every age group. London Olympics in 2012 brought the country together. Leading up to the games, United Kingdom had suffered from declining global authority, had suffered from a severe financial crisis and above all had a population that had been disjointed and were divided over immigration issues, ethnicity issues. Capital London and other major towns had suffered riots only a couple of years ago and were fresh in people’s minds. Olympic Games did what no other government could have done, it did what the no other preacher could have done, it did what was all thought as an ideal scenario, creating a feeling of Proud to be British.Sport does wonders and all one has to do is organise it properly and fairly.
Alex Salmond took a big cue from those days and has announced a date that will be just after the Commonwealth games and just before Scotland hosts Ryder Cup. Every nation that hosts a global event successfully has a wave that sweeps through it and its known as nationalism. Brazil hosted the just concluded FIFA World Cup 2014 and there was evidence that the whole country was supporting the team on field. Some protests were organised against the event but that is natural in a country, which has a big divide between rich and poor. He would be hoping similar feelings of nationalism sweep across Scotland after these Games and help his YES campaign to gain momentum and give him a majority decision in the referendum.
I am at no point saying that the Scotland has a population, which is not proud of being Scottish. They are as proud as one would expect towards his or her own country. The only thing here is the timing of the referendum. It seems like a very clever ploy to ride on the positive nationalism that sweeps a country after hosting a major event. It is a great ploy if you want to see an Independent Scotland. It is also 700 years ago that the Battle of Bannockburn took place and is seen by the Scottish as a landmark victory in their First War of Independence.
Whatever the end result be in the referendum, these games will be the games that will be seen by the history as the games, which either broke the Union or the ones that bonded the union together. Time will tell and its not too long to go, when the Scottish people vote for or against independence. On the other hand, there are voices in other parts of United Kingdom that are saying that every citizen should be given a vote to decide the fate of the Union. One can’t keep everyone happy and that is life.
Like in the games, may the best one win.

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