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5 EPL related “What the Hell” news moments from last week

There are a lot of things that have happened in the world of Premier League Football but these are the ones where I was thinking “What the hell?” So here comes my rant with a hint of sarcasm.

Felix Magath says cheese!!!

Typical sports culture incident, I would say. A reputable manager, who was struggling to keep his job for a while, gets sacked and all the dirty linen is out. Reports of him trying to cure an injury by wrapping cheese soaked with alcohol were in the news. Some would say ridiculous news and some will say “really omg he is so dumb”. Well my view is, why kick someone who is already low? He has just lost his job and had a torrid time in England, leave him alone and move on.


Robert Pires lands in India and gets a grand welcome

He suggested “I did not think I had that many fans in India”. What did you expect Bobby? You go to a country that is launching a brand new football league, has millions of football fans who follow all kinds of leagues and you have yourself played in 3 different countries. On top of that you have won the World Cup 1998 and Euro 2000. I would like to also mention that he was part of the invincible Arsenal team of 2003-04. Looks like he expected to have a low profile entry and exit in India. I am sure the team owners will be extracting full value for whatever money they are paying him. After all…. its business.


Gary Lineker has a foul mouth rant on social media

First of all, I would like to ask, how is that news?  Secondly, is the standard of news going so bad or we don’t have news anymore to fill the pages? I would say sod it. 😉


Chelsea park the bus… again

No wonder “Mr. Pellegrino” was upset. It has become a Mourinho strategy against, what he thinks is, direct competition. He goes away to those teams and has everyone behind the ball. He throws in a team that is focused on breaking the play of the opposition, defend very deep, try to be a bit physical and upset the rhythm and so on… (You know the deal). Basically taking Route 414 from outside Stamford Bridge and parking it in front of his keeper. He waits for his team to pounce on any mistake. He did it last season when he went away to Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool. Picked the pocket in two of those and the other two were nil-nil draws. Some will call it “strategy for winning”. I think it was shame, against Manchester City, even with 10 vs 11 situation his team sat back and were defending deep. They could have killed the game by pilling on the pressure and making the extra man count. Good point for both teams though. Just my opinion and I am sure you have yours.


Social Media Meltdown

Every team that loses or draws has to face the music from its fans on social media. There are millions of better managers around the world who are better than the current 20 Premier League managers. If you don’t believe me then please go on social media and gauge for yourself. Some of the criticism is filth and nonsense but somehow, there is a herd following situation. Initially, they sound hilarious but after a bit its just bullshit.

Let me put it this way for all of them….

Apply for the Job when there is a vacancy to be a Premier League manager.


Rant over. 😉


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